Prolonging the blade season...

Controlled environment for wet & cold weather working with the SQYFlex blade access platform


Delivering high quality construction projects across multiple sectors.

Railway Infrastructure

Effective maintenance of the railway infrastructure guarantees smooth operations.



Highways & Roads

Safety is a top priority in maintaining highways and roads. Regular inspections and maintenance activities help identify and rectify potential hazards


Local Authority

we understand the importance of establishing strong partnerships with local authorities in order to achieve effective and sustainable solutions for the community.


About us

We’ve been maintaining structures for over 10 years

Geo-Structural is a leading company with a decade of expertise in the maintenance and preservation of critical structures, specialising in viaducts and bridges. As an approved member of IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association), we possess the necessary skills and qualifications to work within the demanding railway and highway infrastructure.

Safety & Commitment

With a strong commitment to excellence and safety, Geo-Structural has established a solid reputation as a trusted partner in the industry. Our highly skilled team of professionals brings extensive knowledge and experience to every project we undertake. Through the application of cutting-edge technologies and innovative techniques, we ensure the longevity and structural integrity of the infrastructure we maintain.

Pride & Ability

We take pride in our ability to deliver cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality or safety. By combining our technical expertise with a client-centered approach, we tailor our services to meet the specific needs of each project. From routine inspections and repairs to complex structural upgrades, Geo-Structural is equipped to handle projects of varying scales and complexities.



Let’s see our projects

Camps Viaduct

Structural Repairs with the use of Industrial Rope Access 

Back-to-Back day & night working

Around the clock day & night blade repair & upgrades

Forth Rail Bridge

Structural Examination & Drops survey 

Blade Add-ons

Installation of Aerodynamic upgrades with the use of Rope Access 

Winter Blade Repairs

Using the controlled environment to work in wet & cold weather conditions 

Safety Netting Installation

Installation of Safety Netting & debris netting with the use of IRATA techniques 

Clyde Viaduct

Structural Refurbishment works using IRATA techniques 

Multiple Windfarms

Resin Injection to multiple turbine  foundations