SQYFlex Hire

The SQYFlex is a brand new approach to blade access where the platform adapts to the contours and dynamics of the blade.


Some of the platforms features include:

  • Zero assembly onsite, installation of wires and you are ready to go
  • Weather protection environment ensuring we can work in wet weather conditions (Extending the blade season)
  • LED Light pack ensures we can work during the hours of darkness (Extending the blade season, around the clock working day & night)
  • Heat pack ensures we can work in extremely low temperatures (Extending the blade season)  
  • Access 100% of the blade with 360 degrees access for our blade technicians
  • Platform is capable of working in 14m/s wind conditions
360° Blade Access
Access 100% of the blade from the platform
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550 Kg Payload
3 Persons including tools & materials
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14 m/s Wind Speed
Higher wind load than alternative access solutions
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The platform is powered by a battery pack which is charged using the renewable energy of the wind turbine
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