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Clyde Viaduct
Installation of safety netting with the use of Industrial Rope Access (IRATA)
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Tip Booster
Installation of wind turbine blade Tip Boosters with the use of SQYFlex Blade Access Platform
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Forth Rail Bridge
Various Rope Access works including Inspections, Drops Survey, Non-Destructive Testing
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Foundation Repairs
Resin injection to wind turbine foundations
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Tay Rail Bridge
ICorr Protective Coatings Inspections (Paint Inspection)
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Blade Upgrades
Installation of Vortex Generators with the use of Industrial Rope Access (IRATA)
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Camps Viaduct
Masonry Repairs & Structural Strengthening
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Blade Repairs
Wind turbine blade repairs, Installation of Leading Edge Protection
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Historical Railway Viaduct
Structural refurbishment
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Various windfarms throughout the UK
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Suspended Cradle Access
Structural Refurbishment with the use of suspended cradle systems
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Tower Displacement Monitoring
Vertical displacement monitoring
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