A82 Pulpit Rock Improvement

Project Details:

Civil Engineering Construction Company
Geotechnical and Structural Monitoring


In order to monitor structural rotation of the surrounding cliff we undertook the installation of tilt sensor boreholes on the cliff face above the A82 at Pulpit Rock. We successfully completed this installation while construction works were ongoing in the surrounding area. The results were automatically transmitted from the tilt sensor to an online database that our client could access at any time.

The boreholes were installed using cliff-mounted A frame rigs with pneumatic DTH drills. All installation works were undertaken during night-time road-blockages to minimise disruption to the A82 traffic.

The information provided to our client was critical to the project. Predicting any potential landslides in the adjacent cliffs was vital to ensuring the safety of the site staff and road users and continuity of road services.

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