Geo-Structural Ltd can undertake the design, installation and control of both manual and automated data-monitoring systems.


We install and monitor manually and automated read outs for:

  • Tilt sensors – structural rotation
  • Piezometers – pore water pressure
  • Pressure cells – effective or radial pressure
  • Vibration sensors – Instantel seismographs
  • Crack sensors – serviceability measurements
  • Centre-hole load cells – anchor or soil nail loading
  • Strain gauges – strain in steel, concrete, timber, etc.
  • Flow meters – fluid speed and volume through pipes
  • Temperature sensors – air, water, steel and concrete
  • Displacements sensors – translational movement
  • Extensometers – settlement and heave
  • Inclinometers – slope stability

Manual Monitoring

Installation of piezometers, inclinometers and extensometers provide a cost-effective monitoring solution. Once the boreholes are drilled and the tubing installed manual readings can be taken at a pre-determined frequency.

Recently, on the North West electrification project on the Liverpool to Manchester railway line, we have installed piezometers in boreholes to monitor pore water pressures and inclinometers to detect lateral displacements and shear planes in the railway embankments.

We have also successfully installed inclinometers, tilt and crack meters on the A82 Pulpit Rock site, on the Loch Lomond side, on behalf of Transport Scotland.

Automated Monitoring

Where high frequency readouts are required, automated systems are often the most cost effective solution. Geo-Structural has a wide variety of technologies available to monitor works anywhere in the UK.


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